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Our focus is on SEO and web design with a sharp eye on the bottom line and your return on investment.

Let us show you how we deliver affordable web design Services and SEO

why work with us?

We Focus on Website Return on Investment

We reach this target through web design, Website metrics and SEO

Affordable web design is not cheap web design. Cheap web design, due to deceptively hidden fees and bad quality, has given affordable web design and low cost a bad name. We make web design affordable by only charging for the services and applications that your business needs. We do not provide you with or use a website builder. Most importantly, affordable web design speaks to the value of the website. As long as there is a great website that attracts more customers and closes more business than it costs, then it is affordable.

Any promotion or marketing is affordable as long as the conversion rate (visitors to customers) and customer lifetime value are increased, keeping the cost of acquiring each customer affordable. We at Infestus Consulting keep this in mind for every web design project we take on.

Infestus Consulting Web Design For Businesses In Need Of Better Websites in 2021

If you run a business that does not have a great website or one that converts poorly, then Infestus Consulting will be your answer. As an affordable option to custom websites made by top designers, we can make your site attract and convert better than anything else out there even before you add any upgrades or applications. Infestus Consulting starts with our web design and seo(search engine optimization) packages below.

seo services on 100% on target

Strategy & Research

We use research to form an SEO, marketing, and content strategy. Creating a website that converts takes far more effort than designing a flyer or a simple pamphlet. We focus on the objective and build the site around our agreed-upon goals to place your best offer in front of the right audience at the right time. This is accomplished by matching buyer intent based on their keyword search.

Design & Development

Together, we start to design(aesthetics) and development(functionality) once we are able to collect analytics for your market. We brand your business from the beginning for visitors/users. We discover that pains to position your offer to the needs. This includes optimizing for mobile devices so that visitors on their cell phone are able to find your small business.

Content Marketing & Target

We discover through analytics your true market and position you in front of your audience. Our goal is to put your best offer in front of the right audience at the right time. This seems difficulty, however, we only make the landing page. When they search for this item indicates the actual need for the item. Infestus will structure the web design around these facts.

Driven By Objectives

Our Affordable Web Design Services

  • secure your domain name
  • web design services
  • new site or redesign of an existing site
  • affordable SEO services
  • obligatory pages(home page, articles, about, contact, privacy, terms&use)
  • content marketing
  • mailing list setup
  • web hosting, under 3 second response time(not if you include a video)
  • woocommerce(online store, online shop)
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) (for mobile devices)
  • mobile-friendly
  • online business/ online stores support
  • monthly website backup
  • zoom support
  • development web hosting space
  • we plan your new website before it does live
  • logo design (Some small logo design when necessary)
  • 100% website backup

What We Don't Do

  • cheap/generic website design
  • generic templates
  • provide website builder
  • waste time to release your new site

What we provide for Search Engine Optimization

  • we start with a site audit
  • 100% crawlable website
  • ensure that you do not have negative things associated with your domain

For the Business Owner

  • follow your current business model, but adjust for website use
  • a website that is functional and beautiful
  • a website user friendly

Mobile Devices

  • Optimize for Mobile Visitors
  • For viewing and functionality
  • SEO AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages)

about us

About How Infestus Web Designers Provides Affordable Web Design Services

First, we have no hidden fees. Our technical skills are industry standard however, they cover many industries.

We have two major targets, the first is search engine optimization(on-site, off-site and backlinks) and the second target is aesthetics and functionality.

We are driven by marketing objectives and providing value. A professional small business website that attracts your ideal customer is how we reach these objectives

The science of analytics is the key to an effective campaign to reach your target web audience. Many believe it is a numbers game, where the more info you put in front of more prospective clients, the more return you receive. This is a shotgun approach however, we use sniper rifles.

You will see that reaching your target audience, effectively yields a higher response. You will not have to cast a wide net if you are able to target the perfect audience. This directly affects your bottom line for ad buys and the level of effort, because of exceptional targeting.

The primary rule for marketing, online or otherwise, is placing the right offer in front of the right audience at the right time. Business marketing 101. It may sound like we desire to align the earth, sun, and the moon, but this is where we are most comfortable.

We live by the metrics. We use these numbers to drive the design and development of your site.


Discover how we make a difference with your business websites

We have a simple process. We start with analytics and study why people come to your site by looking at the most common pages.

We develop a clear picture of your current offer and audience, and then with you, we form a strategy going forward that starts with an affordable web design. but may include a email campaign or social media strategy. The metrics will guide our path.


Check what our clients say about us

Focused on analytics for my site

My focus was where are my leads coming from. I needed to capitalize on my best offer and create another offer to engage with the community of individuals that need a mortgage. We are able to focus on the perfect borrower and place the perfect product in front of them.

Joseph Child
Mortgage Lender

Infestus stayed focused on conversion

Infestus created renewed our site in 6 months and then we launched. Now we are working on a high ticket conversion. We are changing .5% conversion to 2-4%, this will increase our income by at least 4x.

Marcus Hairston
Owner & CEO