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Our Focus is Website Return on Marketing Investment

We reach this target through web design and seo

Strategy & Research

We use our research to form a seo, marketing and content strategy. Creating a website that converts takes far more effort than designing a flyer or simple pamphlet, it is designing for content marketing with visitors in the fore front.

Web Design & Web Development

Together, we start design and development once we are able to collect analytics for your market. We brand your business from the beginning for visitors/users.

Content Marketing & Target

We discover through analytics your true market and position you before your audience. Our goal is putting your best offer in front of the right audience at the right time. Your best offer must be given with quality content.

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We are Driven by Marketing Objectives and SEO and Web Design is How We Reach Objectives

The science and analytics are the key to an effective campaign to reach your target audience. Many believe it is a numbers game, where the more info you put in front of more perspective clients, the more return you receive. This has validity. However, I believe in being surgical in the approach.

You will see that reaching your target audience, effectively yields a higher response. You will not have to cast a wide net, if you are able to target the perfect audience. This directly affects your bottom line for ad buys and the level of effort.

The primary rule for marketing, online or otherwise, is placing the right offer in front of the right audience at the right time. It may sound like we desire to align the earth, sun, and the moon, but this is our function.

We live by these numbers. We use these numbers to drive the design and development of your site.


Discover How We Make a Difference with SEO and Web Design

We have a simple process. We start with analytics and study why people come to your site by looking at the most common pages.

We develop a clear picture of your current offer and audience, and then begin developing with you, what the messaging will be.

Factors For SEO and Web Design

  1. Accessible(Google Spider Crawlability) & Secure Website
  2. Page Load Speed (AMP) (Your industry dictates the requirements)
  3. Responsiveness and Usability on Mobile (Mobile Friendliness)
  4. Domain Authority and Age
  5. Optimized Content including Headings
  6. Technical On-Page SEO
  7. User or Visitor Experience and Engagement
  8. Links to and from site, (Off-Page SEO)
  9. Social Signals (Off-Page SEO)
  10. E-A-T Expertise Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness
  11. High Quality Content (Don't Forget the User)
  12. Structured Data

Web Designers and Customers Treat Web Design as Though They Are Playing Checkers, Which is Fine For 2010, But in 2021 SEO and SERP is a Game of Chess

Google has become 10 fold better at providing the perfect user experience and this is based on your content design and engagement of the websites is delivers in search results. It is best explained by analogy rather than delivering all of the factors. The list above merely displays the beginning of the list of critical factors for design that are agreed upon by most agencies, the actual list is longer and more in depth. You must focus 50% of your attention on design and marketing for users and 50% on design that satisfies Google Spiders. Ecommerce adds and additional dimension.

We have completed paid search, but admittedly it is not our forte. Our strongest play is seo and web site design or to the point Infestus Consulting does seo web design.

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