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Branding Begins with Your Email

By Glasco Taylor

December 19, 2020

Newbie Error

The biggest mistake I see small business' and soloprenuers make is using there personal or any other email address besides their website domain sake. This is like getting on a city bus with the driver using his personal minivan. You really look second rate.

This sounds absurd, but this is how ridiculous you are seen by any one with any technical savvy. The funny part about this is the offender generally does not see any problem with this. More over, often times they are slightly offended that you mention the issue.

How Using a Business Email Helps

  1. Trust - The simple use of an email address that matches the domain immediately shows connection to the domain, but most importantly builds immediate trust.
  2. Professionalism - It is quite unproffessional and lazy to use, or These are designed for personal use only. These are ok for civic organizations and PTA, but not for a for-profit or serious none profit organization.
  3. Branding - It  brands the email as a part of the organization, and vice versa. This is magnified with a well crafted signature file.

We have a solution for this

With Infestus Consulting we leverage your web hosting provider or we lean into Google Workspace. With your web service provider you will need someone to manage this, else we can do so. Know that the manager will have to enter each of the email accounts password.

With Google Workspace, individuals are able to log in and change their own email password. We think it is the best way to go.

Glasco Taylor

About the author

I am an engineer and work in the data center. However, my true passion has become to monetize statistical data from a website.

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