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Web Design Cost for Small Business

By Glasco Taylor

November 2, 2021

Web Design Cost

When it comes to web design cost, you get what you pay for. Don't get me wrong, there is a place for a web site that costs $399, and can be completed in a weekend. However, realize that true website design should cost between $1,000 and $10,000 for a small to medium size business. It should also be made with search engine optimization in mind.

Designers have flooded the market with sub par web design. They advertise where ever they can and as much as they can.


Web design is a process that encompasses web content production and web page layout. More specifically, web design refers to the art of combining images, words and other web elements in order to create web pages. Designers often specialize either in web graphics or in web page layout. They may be employed by companies who want to maintain their own corporate identity across multiple platforms such as print, TV and the internet. Many people hire freelancers for specific projects instead of hiring an employee because it is less expensive than having a full-time designer on staff.

The web designer, web programmer and web content specialist all have to work together in order to produce a functional website. The web design process often starts with the creation of wireframe web page. A web page wireframe is the skeleton of the web page containing only rudimentary elements which will be used throughout the site. Wireframes are typically created by designers but can also be made by software engineers who concentrate on front-end development or user experience experts who focus on usability. Higher upfront costs for this type of web design may get you higher overall return because it helps get everyone involved on the same page. Web designers will put more time into developing creative ideas that appeal to both your target audience and your corporate identity which will help increase conversions over

Glasco Taylor

About the author

I am an engineer and work in the data center. However, my true passion has become to monetize statistical data from a website.

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