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Website Design Checklist (new/redesign)

By Mike Taylor

October 18, 2021

Web Design Checklist

  • Initial website design
  • Name essential pages by title and uri
    • home page
    • contact page (can be on same page as about)
    • privacy page
    • term of use
    • about page
    • special events page
  • Add Analytics Software (Google Analytics)(visitor tracking software/analytics tracking)
  • Search engine optimization
    • search engines to optimize for
  • Each page and image will be individually optimized
  • You will need to calculate development phase and the length of time to complete
  • marketing strategy, define overall marketing objectives
  • web design process, approval, signoff, feedback loop and more
  • basic keyword research
  • internal links
  • seo strategy (even if this is not initial plans)
  • Cannibalize existing website if this is not a new website
  • hosting account
  • external links
  • design checklist
  • dynamic xml sitemap
  • automated backup tool or check your web hosting provider
  • content management system
  • how many web designers/web developers will be on development team
  • spelling and grammar checker
  • web hosting information
  • document vivid mental images
  • check constantly for broken links
  • audio files
  • video marketing
  • company logo
  • social media share icons
  • hosting space
  • all the elements
  • cloud hosting
  • tracking events (especially if you are doing ecommerce)
  • marketing collaterals
  • Many other technical details

How Useful is Your Web Design Checklist

You should review your web design checklist weekly if not more frequently. Remember there is no web design project that will end perfectly if it is not management properly. This is an ongoing process. It is much like a business plan.

Why is it import to use a checklist

Regardless of what you are attempting to accomplish having a checklist, or in real estate rehab, a punchlist is critical. If you are able to complete all of the items on your list your probability of success is greatly increased.

Mike Taylor

About the author

I am an engineer and work in the data center. However, my true passion has become to monetize statistical data from a website.

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