Email Marketing Agency Businesses Trust For Boosting Sales

Email marketing is not dead. It may appear mundane, and a passive form of brand marketing and promotion but the results are rewarding for those who trust seasoned email marketing companies.

Converting prospects into customers and one-time buyers into loyal customers is what powerful email marketing campaigns can do for your business.

If you’re falling short of meeting your sales target, count on Infestus Consulting for expert email marketing services in Washington, D.C., and experience the difference.

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Why Choose Us?

Email marketing has been in existence, like since forever but not every business can leverage this powerful digital marketing tool to connect and communicate with their target audience.
Partner with Infestus Consulting and find what we can do for you.

Full-service Email Marketing Agency

We are a full-service email marketing agency in Washington, D.C. that optimizes the performance of your business email marketing campaigns and achieves business growth. From strategy, deployment to execution, and everything in between, we can help.

Optimize Marketing Investment 

Studies confirm that nearly 21% of emails sent are opened within one hour. Make a stellar impression with emails that are customized for assured business success. We track, measure & analyze campaigns to lower investment and improve returns.

Dedicated Account Management

Our email marketing specialists manage multiple campaigns with accuracy and complete responsibility. While you focus on business, we will coordinate with your web designers/content creators, SMM & digital marketers to support email marketing goals.

How our Email Marketing Agency can help your business?


Is your email marketing campaign returning dismal results? You need a calculated email marketing strategy that includes
● Email marketing campaign audit
● Email marketing campaign roadmap
● Email Marketing campaign Execution
● Email Marketing Campaign Performance Review & Optimization.

Ensuring that the strategy works the best for your business goals and growth.


What will draw people to opt-in as your email recipients? A gift, bonus, or something they badly need. Right? We will do that for you. A checklist, ebook, user guide, video tutorial, podcast, or anything of value for your prospective leads. It is exclusive and meaningful for users. We will collaborate with you to create powerful lead magnets for email marketing campaigns.


Promoting your lead magnets on social media to grab more eyeballs and compel interested people to join your email list. From selecting social media sites to publishing lead magnets, monitoring user behavior on the landing page, and everything in between, our email marketing services support your SEO campaigns as well.


Our emails are crafted with meticulous attention paid to the fundamentals of effective communication. From user intent, language, length, tone, call to action ( CTA), to the overall structure, everything matters. We use advanced tools & sites to create custom email templates that promise amazing email deliverability. Emails that convey a clear/ compelling message & encourage action in the best interest of your business. 


When was the last time you reviewed your email list? Do you have subscribers who never open your emails? Are your emails ending up in spam? How many unsubscribed in the last 3 months? We can answer all your questions with the best email list maintenance practices. What we offer—a healthy, organic, and quality list of email contacts that are worthy of your investment & enhance the campaign performance.


Our email marketing agency will send campaign performance reports every month. The report lists key performance indicators ( KPIs) like subscription rate, open-rates, click-through rates, and lead conversion rates. We closely monitor the campaign to remove redundancies and improve the email deliverables. Get regular updates on email marketing strategies, tactics. Get in touch via phone at ‪(202) 630-2450‬ or email us.

The brands we have worked with

Take a look into some of the email marketing templates we have created for companies—big and small— and across various industries.

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Is Email Marketing Relevant for My Business?

User behavior has evolved over the years. Email marketing is still relevant and an integral part of a digital marketing campaign. With overwhelming data and information available online, emails are an effective medium to come closer to your prospective clients.

At Infestus Consulting, we leverage the popularity of emails—over 4 billion email users in 2021—and promote your products and services in a simple, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

The types of emails we create for digital marketing include

● Welcome emails
● Birthday/Anniversary emails
● Newsletter emails
● Seasonal sale emails
● Exclusive offer emails
● Early access emails
● Engagement emails
● Cart abandonment emails
● Post-Purchase Survey emails
● Thank you emails

What our email marketing agency promise to businesses:

● Brand promotion/marketing
● Product promotion
● Increases business reach
● Enhances user engagement
● Improves organic traffic and support SEO marketing
● Improves email subscriptions & leads generation rate
● User feedback/rating/reviews
● Strengthens sales funnel

Whether b2b or b2c market, you can count on our agency for professional email marketing campaigns and boost your sales cycle.

Stay at the top of your audience mind with automated emails that bridge the gap between your business and potential customers.


How many emails do you send per month?

The email frequency largely depends on the type of your business, your marketing goals, and the industry you are operating in.

We recommend weekly emails to most businesses. However, every email should be crafted with a clear purpose and should not annoy the recipients. Talk to one of our email marketing experts for more information.

What is a drip-email marketing campaign?  Is it good for my business?

A drip-email marketing campaign sends a series of standard emails to your subscribers after they opt-in for your emails. Saves your time and money, these personalized emails provide basic but meaningful information while reducing the risk of human error.

Whether they are good for business or not, the answer is absolutely yes! The results are exceptionally rewarding and fire up your sales funnel. Create a strong and loyal customer base with drip email marketing campaigns.

Should I buy an email list?

Email marketing experts do not recommend buying an email list.  These listed email ids are not authentic, verified and are likely to be least interested in your product/services. With such a purchased email list, you are simply draining your marketing investment.

How do you measure the success of an email marketing campaign?

Typically, the key performance indicators ( KPIs) for email marketing are

● Subscribers
● Open-rate
● Click-through-rate
● Lead conversion rate

We view, review and analyze the metrics to determine the performance of your email marketing campaign.

Do you have an open contract?

A typical email marketing campaign lasts for 3 months. You are free to make an exit from the contract within 30 days of signing the contract. We maintain complete client confidentiality, so all the data and information shared is safe with us.