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Factors for SEO and Web Design

By Glasco Taylor

August 10, 2021

Factors For SEO and Web Design

  1. Accessible(Google Spider Crawlability) & Secure Website
  2. Page Load Speed (AMP) (Your industry dictates the requirements)
  3. Responsiveness and Usability on Mobile (Mobile Friendliness)
  4. Domain Authority and Age
  5. Optimized Content including Headings
  6. Technical On-Page SEO
  7. User or Visitor Experience and Engagement
  8. Links to and from site, (Off-Page SEO)
  9. Social Signals (Off-Page SEO)
  10. E-A-T Expertise Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness
  11. High Quality Content (Don't Forget the User)
  12. Structured Data

Glasco Taylor

About the author

I am an engineer and work in the data center. However, my true passion has become to monetize statistical data from a website.

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