What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is both an art and a science. It specifically means organizing the words on your pages specifically to be pleasing to different search engines. It is not simply conducting good keyword research. There is technical seo. This is primarily On Page Optimization. But it does not stop there. There is also backlinks. These are links from relevant websites. If you have a dog grooming website, and you have a law office website pointing to you. This does not create any relevance. Google will not know exactly what the focus of your site is based on these two data points.

Affordable SEO Services and Discrete SEO Packages

First a blunt discussion of affordable versus cheap. Cheap only discusses the out the door price. It does not account for the value created in the work completed. If a car costs $16,000 and last 4 years versus a car that costs $40,000 but last 20 years, clearly there is more value in the $40,000 car.

The issue with web design and more over seo, is the general public does not realize the value of a good website. If is you are not able to appreciate the value, realize that the economy has changed to meet the consumer at their computer. This is especially true for consumers and becoming true for b2b sales.

It is no longer only about keywords in search engine optimization. You also have to consider content optimization. Keywords stuffing is high frowned upon by Google. SEO has evolved and a business has to do more than just optimizing website performance to rank at the top of the SERP.

If the old SEO strategies no longer work for your website, then what? Ask a professional SEO services company!

What Difference Professional SEO Services Make

Organic traffic that does not convert into sales revenue is wasted traffic. Does that ring a bell? Of course, it does. Most likely you have a website but you are not capturing metrics. You are not able to determine how many visitors visited you site last month. You also can not say with any degree of certainty how they got to you site. But at Infestus Consulting, our ingenious SEO specialists know how to attract organic traffic that encourages revenue generation. And step #0 is to set up both Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Every SEO package starts with this.

Organic Traffic That Converts

49% of marketers believe organic search gives the best returns than any other marketing channel. Right, and this is where we focus on. Drawing high-quality organic traffic that increases sales leads and not just mindless meandering on the website.

Making Brands Popular

A Nielsen study says that customers are likely to buy from brands they know about. A sense of familiarity. Be it Google, Yahoo, or Bing, we drive brand awareness to make your brand popular and recognizable over others in the local and international market.

Building Relevance + Trust + Authority

Your website’s backlink profile defines how much trust your website has earned in the industry. We work on building relevance, trust, and authority of your website in the industry and draw more people to your website and improve the website ranking across search engines.

What Our Professional SEO Services Can Do for Your Business

Website Audit

How’s your website's health? Google puts user experience over and above every other parameter for ranking websites. We find & fix technical and non-technical glitches for optimal website performance.

Market Competitors Analysis

We undertake extensive keyword research to determine targeted keywords that are relevant, popular, and worth competing for. These words/phrases define the user queries and search intent.

On-page Optimization

Your website will be optimized for a fixed list of keywords. From drafting/optimizing meta tags, web content, creating new pages to blogs, we make your website stand a good chance to be ranked among the top companies on the SERP.

Building natural links

We are a professional SEO services agency that does not promote black hat SEO. Our team explores profitable link building opportunities to earn genuine and top-quality links from 3rd party sites, public forums, communities, and other relevant sites.

Content Marketing

Content rules the roost. Whether writing a web copy, meta tags, case studies, e-books, blogs, social media posts, or anything else, you can count on our professional SEO services company for research-based, high-quality content that answers user questions.

Website Performance Reports

Get monthly reports on keywords performance right in your inbox. The number of users/sessions, average session duration, page views, clicks, bounce rate, etc. Detailed data analysis gives insight into what appeals to users on the website.

Pricing Plans


  1. 40 keywords(it is best to go for low hanging fruit)
  2. Systematically Optimize Current Pages.



What's included

  • 40 keywords (It is best to go for low hanging fruit)
  • 1:1 consultation with seo specialist
  • Initial Consultation and Focus Objectives Meeting
  • 2 revisions to get the perfect design before session with designer