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SEO Terms

We will define the terms we use on this site so that you are better able to comprehend what we are saying.

Google Search Console - Free Google Tool that display how visitors are able to find you site.


Google Analytics - Free Google Tool that shows all interactions your web page has with anyone.

Inbound Links - Links from other pages to the page in question. Either from same domain or completely different domain.

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Keyword Stuffing - Loading a page with an excessive amount of keywords in an unnatural manor.

Meta Description - Unseen html code that is not visible to visitors of a web page that describes what the page contains.

SERP - Search Engine Results Page

Search Engine Crawlers - Programs used to go to every page on a website or domain.

Search Engines - Examples are,, and more.


SEO - The process of organizing your web site(one page at a time) to be acceptable and pleasing to search engines.

Search Engine Rankings - Position of web page over time.

Title Tag/Page Title - HTML Tag that should the title of the page at the top of the tab in chrome, firefox or opera.

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Web Page - Individual page on a website.

Web Address - Can be called a website page or URI.

Seach Engine Optimization

SEO Terms for the phrases used on this site.