Ever wonder how you can get more website visitors to become website customers? Here are some website conversion tips that will help you close the deal.

1) Identify your website visitor's pain points: Search online for what people are struggling with in relation to your website. This will help you identify where your website conversion problem might be - and how it might be solved.

2) Put a clear call to action on all your pages: Make sure that each page has one button or link that is clearly visible and placed near the top of the website to connect them with the desired action.

3) Keep it simple, avoid self-centered content: What a website visitor wants is quite simple - they want functional, relevant website content that will help them solve a problem. They do not want website content that is self-centered and all about the website owner or business. Website visitors are looking to you for their website needs, not website fluff.

4) Test your website design: Make sure to test various website designs with different types of website visitors by doing usability tests.

5) Test website conversion: Make sure to test website pages to see how website visitors respond, and if they make the desired website conversion (or purchase).

6) Keep your website's homepage as clean and simple as possible: Nobody wants a website that is difficult or too confusing to use. Keeping your website's website homepage simple will help website visitors find content easily.

7) Keep website navigation simple: The less confusing website navigation is, the better your website visitor experiences are going to be - and this in turn will help website conversions. Avoid website clutter for a clean website experience - it works!


Web content should focus on what website visitors want!